7 most typical problems you can encounter when building your own water feature for the first time.

If you have decided to build a water wall (especially when you are a professional and need to build one for your client), pat yourself on the back for taking the smart decision. There are numerous advantages of this water feature, which we talk about quite often and it’s a great idea for both your clients’ interior design and for your business. Learn from 15 years of our experience and see what kind of problems you can encounter so you can be aware of the issues that you might have to deal with.

Problem # 1. It’s expensive!

You can waste a lot of time and energy finding good and reliable components. In the process of learning by trial and error, you can make a lot of mistakes, which can add up to high expenses. Unless you are a Sheikh of Dubai, it’s better to avoid the problem of getting broke by joining Wawazen Waterwall School and learning all you need to know.

Effect: If you are making water wall for your client, this means that you might not earn enough money learning by your mistakes.

Problem # 2. Unequal water distribution

Very common problem. Water wants to shrink up instead of flowing evenly. There are areas at the water wall where the surface remains dry. It looks like the water wall is somehow broken.

Effect: Your customer will be not satisfied unless they have never seen any other water wall.

Problem # 3. Rust and corrosion.

When you use raw materials, rust and corrosion can cause leaks and deformation of components. The rust-coloured water doesn’t add to the appeal, either.

Effect: This can make you run back and forth to your client in order to clean the water wall.

Problem # 4. Calcification.

If you don’t take care about the calcification problem, in a very short time it will bring about a very ugly picture. What’s more, the water leaks that can emerge due to this problem can damage the pump. And a damaged pump needs to be replaced, obviously.

Effect: You would need to service the water wall very soon.

Problem # 5. Germination and dirt.

If you are not be able to clean the water wall properly, it will start to look really ugly really soon. The water will get cloudy and it can even start to smell. It’s not only an awful picture, but also a hygiene problem and can cause health damage.

Effect: The water wall can now be considered as a problem. Your client can get really angry!

Problem # 6: Unreasonably loud pump

A pump that is too loud is a problem, but some developers are not aware of it. In addition, clients often don’t know “how it should be”. The sound of a loud pump is very disturbing, especially comparing to the peaceful silence when you will turn it off. Keep in mind that components can increase the noise of the pump itself.

Effect: If the mechanism of the pump is too loud, well, there will be one major result – no one will want to turn on the water wall! One day your customers will find themselves not wanting to use it anymore.

Problem # 7: Annoyingly loud splashes

Splashing water also causes noise and despite the fact that the noise may not be as loud as the pump, this kind of sound can make people run to the toilet more often, which a lot of people find annoying especially when they are not aware of the reason. What’s more important, if the splashes are too big, they cause damages to the surrounding environment such as furniture, floors, etc.

Effect: Your client might ask you to pay for the damages caused by large splashes.

These typical problems are inevitable to your water wall development process. You must find way to resolve all of them if you want you and your customer to be happy with the work that you have done. A well-built and properly cared-for water wall should work and look the same for many years. If any of these issues make you think something along the lines of: “O-o! I don’t know how to do that…”, please notice that this is why we are here! You are not alone. Just take the step, register yourself at our school and let go of your worries.